Thursday, June 03, 2004

OOOOOKkkkkaaaayyyy.....well this is my last blog ever I think, unfortunately, I can't be bothered to write much, have been taking notes and studying all day and looking at the computer screen is hurting my eyes! Basically, have done research on my assignment, via the library and books and also the internet and databases. From my research I have been able to formulate an argument I am happy with. I think the only problem in writing the essay will be confining it to the word limit and therefore making sure that only the most important points are included! Am going to start writing a draft tonight, so is a nice fitting end to this task and my time as a blogger! Bye!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Well.....have been taking MORE notes and went and picked up a reserved book about American Popular Music, which according to its description is meant to have quite a bit on MTV and Madonna - which is good - except I don't really want to know anymore about either topic - as they are coming out my ears!!!! Basically, everything I am reading is just building upon what I've previously read, which is a good thing. I am going to slightly alter my perspective though, in that it wasn't just "sex" that made female popstars so successful, which I was going to focus on, but it was their image in general. And, for example, Madonna was apparently well aware of what she was doing in creating her whole virgin/whore dichotomy image and selling herself as a sex object - but the thing is, it didn't really matter, because this was lost on her male viewers - they just perceived her as a piece of meat anyways - here is a really good quote I found by a male fan of hers, he said he liked "Madonna's shapely and oh so tasty figure" and also "the way her breasts shake" - blah - I shudder reading that, it sounds so gross...her oh so tasty figure - vomit. Ok, off to write more notes....by the way, hope all of you busting to get to the red room made it there :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Finally feel like my topic is a bit more on track after taking notes from about 4 more books today - but I as a result I think my vision is going - everything is very blurry! It's amazing how much a bit of reading can really fill you in though, I can't believe there were never really film clips prior to 1981. Before this, concerts were used as a primary method of promotion. It's also weird to think of film clips as a promotional vehicle but it is true. The record company's use the strength of just one film clip to sell an entire albumn, but I guess it is very true. Anyways, don't have the energy to write much tonight - it is 11:25 and I want to go to bed! Also, I will not be continuing my blog...unfortunately I just find it too much of an effort, being a computer bimbo and all, but I will continue it until June 4th, as I'm not sure I've really written enough over the weeks....we shall see!

Monday, May 31, 2004

Phew! Have just taken pages and pages of notes from this really good book for my subject about feminine discourse in music videos, especially with the emergence of MTV - I think I got a bit sidetracked with some of the academic jargon of the book, but got the main point and it was very relevant to what I'm doing and also had a case study on Madonna - so that was a bonus! Is the only book I have taken notes from though...so I've got to get a bit of a move on I think! Ok...that's it from me today!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Have just been reading a really good book for my topic, very relevant, anyways, is about Madonna and how MTV had a "make my video" contest for her. As I am kind of doing the new media topic, because I am looking at MTV at a time when it had just come out and was considered new media, this is very relevants, as one of the charactertistics of new media is the fact that it is interactive. Hence, this activity is clearly giving fans, who are the viewers of the program, to interact with their favourite star and to be part of the medium, or to take part in it. So yeah, but I probably won't go on about the whole new media thing too much....it's not really the focus of my essay. The competitions also talks about the whole wanna-be phenomenon, and this is very true of female fans, as I will be talking about in my essay, this is why females have wider appeal than males, because girls want to be them and guys think they are hot, or whatever. With guys, mostly girls love them as well, but most 'normal' guys often don't have that much respect for famous guys, or actors/singers that are good-looking etc. In my opinion anyways...let me know if I am wrong! Anyways, have just been on the web, and this is an article about how teenage girls are losing their innocence because of their desire to be like their idols, which is fuelled by commerical companies in their desire to make a profit...pretty interesting.