Saturday, May 29, 2004

Oh dear, have once again neglected my blog. Have been at work from thurs to sat grrr.....was pretty cool though, some of the rides got closed down especially so Paris Hilton could go on them (I work at Movieworld), so didn't get to see her, but it was still pretty exciting. And...watch this, can relate this to my essay kind of, because there are tons of rich heiresses, but because Paris is so pretty, she is famous and everyone knows about her, due mostlty to tv etc. and she even had her own tv show (MTV ???? I think??). Anyways, what I said may be a big pile of rubbish, but I thought there was a bit of link. Did anyone watch American Idol last night? Fantasia so nailed it I thought, her first song was absolute crap, but even though I don't really like her, I have to admit her other two were awesome. I feel sorry for Diana though, I know she is cutesy and fake etc, but she's still only 16 and she's a pretty damn good singer..so yeah....anyways! Have better things to do on a Saturday night than this, so am off!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Went to the library today and got a few good books - but heaps are already gone! How do you people have time to have started this assignment already??? Anyways, I have requested them so hopefully they will turn up soon, the books I got seem really good though, quite a bit of info on music videos and there is a really good one called rocking around the clock and has quite a bit of info on Madonna in her earlier days, which is what I was looking for earlier....so that is good! Another good thing is that I am going to the justin timberlake concert! I know this thought will make a fair few of you sick (indeed as I've already told Mat, my housemates are having trouble looking at me) but I think it will be an awesome concert and something to look forward to in the middle of exams! Plus he is hot.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Grrrrrrr.....someone has taken all the books I need to research my assignment!!!! NOT FAIR!!! I'm even started early I thought, oh well....have requested them and hopefully they will turn up before this is due! They are all books on MTV and music videos and stuff, so if anyone knows of any books about this sort of thing that aren't checked out from the UQ library, could you please let me know? Thank ya muchly. I must admit I haven't really thought too much else about this assignment. I think I am at the stage where I know as much as I can from my general knowledge and really just need to do some reading now, so I can fully develop my hypothesis. Shall start researching tomorrow! Also, does anyone know...the due date for this is meant to be the 14th, but that is a Monday which is a public holiday....???? I just made spaghetti bol for my house tonight - it was good!