Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I keep forgetting to write in my damn blog!!!! I tell myself in the morning that today I will remember, but it never happens! Anyway, nevermind, today I am writing in my blog. Have just been on the Infotrac database to look for articles and have found a few good ones, such as
Britney Brigade: The racy pop icon is now a style setter. Is it bad that millions of young girls, from post-toddlers to teens, want to look just like her?
can't create a hyperlink to this or similar ones, because they don't work because of all the password and security stuff, nevermind.
I hope my idea is still ok, not so sure now...if not might focus on Aus Idol phenomenon,and how we use technology to decide/vote the fate of popstars, not possible to do without tv etc, technology a major part of music, in a variety of ways, and this is one example.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Was just going through other blogs trying to find something to comment on, but everyone seems to be talking about filesharing etc., which I really don't understand/don't have a hugh interest in....used to have kaaza on computer, so sad that got taken away, but apart from that, I know nothing! Anyways, just did a google search and found an article about how the media effects young girls, all about the eroticisation (not sure that this is a word - but will find out later) of young girls, trying to be older than they are because of their role models etc. Quite a good article, and has links to other articles as well. Really need to do a search on the UQ databases soon, as there is sure to be heaps of articles and information there. Should be good. Okay, off to write an assignment for another subject...by the way, did anyone watch American Idol last night, there is a girl, Fantasia or something like that? She is sooooo annoying!
Whoops! I have not been on my blogger for absolutely ages, very naughty of me, but I am trying to write 3 assignments that are due on the same day plus working, plus everything else....it is very difficult and uni really sucks at the moment. Also just found out that my exam block is yuck, I have exam on the first and third days and then nothing until the second last day.....which I will probably then do really badly in as I will have given up study by then, so yeah, just thought I would have a little whinge. At least there is no exam for this subject! Jean just put comments on my page today and I am excited, so someone comment, even though I haven't said anything very interesting...