Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I just thought of something else that is relevant to my topic, I think - the fact that we now have interactive shows on television where you choose who you want to be a popstar, this is obviously somewhat image-based, as they never had a similar sort of thing on the radio, anyways this is the australian idol webpage, which is an example of this type of show.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I have just been on the cybary website, looking on the catalogue for books that i think would be good for my topic. Am going to write the titles, call no.s etc down here, because I can't get them out now because I have three more assignments due before this one!!!! So this way, I won't forget and can come back to them later....

*"Feminine Endings: Music, gender and sexuality", Susan McClary ML82.M381991

*"Women and the media: Content, careers and criticism", Cynthia M. Lont P94.5.W65L661995

*"Disruptive divas: feminism, identity and popular music" Lori Burns and Melisse Larfrance (Arch Music) MT146.B872002

*"The Diva's Mouth: body, voice, prima donna politics" Susan J. Leonardi & Rebecca A. Pope ML400.L461996

*"Working Girls: gender and sexuality in popular cinema" Yvonne Tasker PN1995.9.W6T361998

*"Subculture to clubcultures: an introduction to popular cultural studies" Steve Redhead (Arch Music) HN385.5R431997

So these are just a few books that stood out of me as being relevant to my topic. I am yet to look on the databases, but I'm sure there will be heaps of material there. Before I go ahead with all of this, I'd better check that it's an ok topic to do....whoops. By the way, if anyone is reading this, do you agree that popstars eg Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, event to an extent, Delta Goodrem, are able to sell music because of the fact they are on tv. Without their image, they would not be as successful, because SEX SELLS!!!! Let me know what you think...